Custom Cutting Pricing


Since our opening in 1950, we have offered specialized custom processing of our customers’ animals. It is our goal to cut and wrap your meat to “meet” your specifications, be it beef, pork, lamb, or wild game. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to carefully cut and package your meat. We are able to accommodate whatever your needs may be; be it a single animal for personal use or multiple animals intended for wholesale distribution. Our USDA inspection allows us to process your product, if you so desire, to be shipped interstate.

Vacuum Package
Minimum Processing

Other Charges

Peppered Cure
$2.00 Extra / Belly
Lard Rendering
Linking / Patting

Pork Cutting Instructions


(Usually cut into chops. Can also make roasts or Canadian bacon* in lieu of chops)


(Usually cut into roasts or make cottage bacon*)


Select cured or fresh, then select cutting options below

Belly & Ribs


*Curing costs an extra $0.55 / lb ** Links & Patties cost an extra $0.30 / lb